2021 Fair Dates: Wednesday Aug. 25 - Sunday Aug. 29


County 4-H Shows

General 4-H Rules

NJ Dept of Agriculture Letter to all Livestock Owners exhibiting at the Fair

Livestock Notice: 

The Hunterdon County 4-H & Agricultural Fair will be following the recommendation of the NJ Department of Agriculture. **A mammalians including goat, sheep, horse, cattle, alpaca, swine and llama which will be exhibited at the Hunterdon County 4-H & Agricultural Fair must be vaccinated for rabies. The vaccination must be recorded on your CVI by the veterinarian.  Any livestock who is not vaccinated will not be allowed on grounds. A copy of the CVI must be provided and handed into the show superintendent. 

Notice to Goat Exhibitors, if you have a kid 4 months old or less, you will not need to vaccinate.

 Thank You

Notice to all youth entering Art, Craft, Photography, Sewing, Creative Writing  and Horticulture

Notice to all FCS Club Members, In order to enter any or all of the FCS shows you will need to present an up to date NEW FCS project book at the time of entry drop off.  If you do not have a project book please stop by the 4-H office to pick one up.  If you do not present an up to date project book at the time of drop off your entries will not be accepted.

FCS Project Book Click Here

All Independent Project Members entering art, craft, photography, horticulture or sewing you will need to present your project book that you use with your main project, for instance if you are in the Poultry club than you need to bring your Poultry Project Book along with a project sheet for the project you are entering.  (ie:  if entering photography you will need to have a photography project sheet)   If you do not present these items at the time of drop off, your items will not be accepted.

Presentation of Awards for All yout entering Art, Craft, Foods, Sewing and Photography


Art Exhibit:

Bake Off and Savory Cook Off Competition:  These events are open to all 4-H members.  Please see rules for information.


Rules Baked Goods

Rules Savory Cook Off

Savory Cook Off Score Sheets:

Booth Exhibits:

Canned Goods Exhibit:  Due to Covid-19 there will not be a canned food judging for 2021.

Cloverbud Events:

Ramsburg Building Displays

Sunday Shows

Confections Decorating Exhibit:

County Dairy Show:

County Fancy Poultry and Waterfowl Show:  No show for 2021

Crafts Exhibit:

Creative Writing Exhibit:

Dairy Foods Exhibit: Due to Covid-19 there will not be a Dairy Food Judging for 2021 

Foods and Nutrition Exhibit: Due to Covid-19, there will be no food judging for 2021 year.

Frozen Food Exhibit: Due to Covid-19 there will not be a Frozen Food judging for 2021

Goat Show:

Horticultural Exhibit: 

Needlework Exhibit:

PAWS Dog Events:

  • Rules
  • Entry Form

Photography Contest:

Rabbit Show:

Round Robin:

Sewing Exhibit:

Sheep Show:

  • Rules
  • Entry Form
  • Animal Health Certificate
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